ZHAN LAN TRANSLATIONS is a website started (a long while ago, except it was never used…) for the purpose of satisfying a certain someone’s desire to waste time and procrastinate 🙂 Of course the love for reading light novels is a very important factor that contributed to the construction of the website, yes it is.

The website is also very much dedicated to the spreading of the amazing-ness the existence of books, as well as the imparting of (okay not really) what a fascinating language Chinese is ❤ Okay, rainbows and sparkles aside, we host English-translated CN novels… yup that’s it.

– – –

WYNNE (the one and only lone soul you see slinking around here) is an avid procrastinator who likes evading homework and not meeting school deadlines 🙂 Currently residing in a tropical country, experiencing the after-effects of global warming, and sweating away in front of her computer while translating (or attempting to translate) Chinese novels > < Please be nice to her!

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DISCLAMINER zhanlantranslations (ZLT) owns all English translations (translated by us) and content uploaded on this site, of course the raws, images, externally linked stuff and etc belong to their respective owners.

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ALSO this website is not running on ads, if you see stuff you don’t like, it’s not us :’)


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You can contact her at


You can find her on
Novel Updates @aoiisora
Discord wynne#9364
Twitter @zhanlanLNT


You can donate to her by
Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com



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