ZHAN LAN TRANSLATIONS is a website started (a long while ago, except it was never used…) for the purpose of satisfying a certain someone’s desire to waste time and procrastinate 🙂 Of course the love for reading light novels is a very important factor that contributed to the construction of the website, yes it is. The website is also very much dedicated to the spreading of the amazing-ness the existence of books, as well as the imparting of (okay not really) what a fascinating language Chinese is ❤

– – –

WYNNE is an avid procrastinator who likes evading homework and not meeting school deadlines 🙂 Currently residing in a tropical country, experiencing the after-effects of global warming, and sweating away in front of her computer while translating (or attempting to translate) Chinese novels > < Please be nice to her!</span


You can contact her at zhanlan.translations@gmail.com

NUF username: aoiisora


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